Eternal Greece Ltd

Small-Group Tours

From the Lernaean Hydra to the Nemean Lion and the Gates of Hades, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to impregnable mediaeval castles and to historic battlefields, from artisan breweries to renowned small-production vineyards, from Byzantine citadels to ancient sacred-geometry sites and to unexpected pyramids, the Peloponnese will inspire all those with a passion to be surprised by discovery and unsurpassed beauty.


Our small-group tours focus on the Peloponnese,  that treasure-trove which evokes millenia of myths, legends and feats of civilisation and is an ideal destination for travellers with a wide spectrum of interests, from archaeology to geology, from history to hiking, from simple yet hearty and delicious cuisine to some of the best wines around.

One of the best-kept secrets of Greece is, somewhat surprisingly, not related to a historic event, a fantastic locality or a gem of a monument, nor to a colourful tradition at a remote village: the secret lies in the season. Most people think of Greece as a summer destination – which of course it also is. Enabled by its gentle climate, its varied and little-explored hinterland, the Peloponnese is the destination of choice, year-round: our programmes reflect exactly this, by running round-the-year and both the themes as well as the locations are carefully designed to blend with the length of the daytime and to best reflect the respective season.

Travelling before and after the peak season does not just secure a less-busy travel environment but also reveals the beauty of the Peloponnese in its autumn, winter and spring splendours, further enhanced by gentler and richer illumination.

In reflection of the above, we have carefully crafted well-researched, specialist-led, thematic small-group tours typically comprising 8-16 people to visit the famous and the less-well-known sights and  sites of this blessed land.

We also know that it is the small details that make the big difference and we thus ensure that the coaches we use are larger than the size required for the group, so as to secure more space and privacy for our travellers. At the same time and as we know how important communication and sharing is, we always try to provide WiFi-enabled coaches – and if this is not possible, we arrange for our own, free WiFi hotspot. We also provide free power packs to all our travellers for their mobile devices when on the road.