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Our team roams Greece with our cameras and our drone to try and capture the essence of this very special corner of the world.

Our clips may leave lots to be desired in terms of processing as we are not professional video editors (far from it!), we do hope however that they might prove interesting and even inspire you to look closer at fabulous Greece.

Palaiokastro (Palaionavarino) castle, near Pylos, Peloponnese

Tigani / Maini castle and settlement, Mani region, Peloponnese

Landing on a penny

The castle of Morosini at Aghionori, Corinthia, Peloponnese

Moments from our resoundingly successful 'Mythical Peloponnese: Fortresses and Legendary Sanctuaries' tour in May, 2019

All images and clips copyright Eric CB Cauchi / Eternal Greece Ltd, unless otherwise stated.

Ancient Nemea

Ancient Heraion and the lighthouse , Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Monemvassia castle-town

Colourful Athens subway train

Ancient Plateae and partial view of the battlefield

Lake Stymphalia, Peloponnese

The Pyramid of Hellinikon

Limin Yerakos, Laconia, Peloponnese

Flying at the Ancient Theatre of Thorikos, Attica, Greece

The castle of the Morea (Rio)

The castle of St George, Plagia

Aerial views of Palamidi castle and Bourtzi sea-fort, Nafplio

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