Eternal Greece Ltd

About us

(kaloss-oree-satteh: ‘welcome at this fortunate moment’)
to Eternal Greece!


We are a specialist, high-end, thematic tour-operating company mainly focusing on the fabulous yet relatively undiscovered Peloponnese region of Greece, as well as in the Attica, Boetia and Euboea regions of Mainland Greece.

We are registered in the UK whilst the friendly and deeply-knowledgeable specialists that run it are based in Greece, thus combining the best of both worlds to offer peace of mind, quality, local knowledge – and limitless inspiration.

We are small and intend to stay that way, as we need to safeguard our undiluted commitment to each and every traveller of ours whilst remaining true to our core value of uncompromising quality and originality.

My name is Eric Cauchi and I was born in Greece to a British father and Greek mum. (My LinkedIn profile summary can be found here ). With travelling and wandering (and constantly wondering and studying!) a second nature, I have always been attracted and inspired by the language, history, culture and nature of Greece – and by its innumerable, well-hidden secrets. I am the director of Eternal Greece and I’m very much the ‘hands-on’ type, as I design all our programmes and I am the group leader in most of the group tours.

Nurturing a deep interest in travelling, hiking, photography, archaeology, linguistics, geography and geology, I find that Greece’s rich offerings have not been sufficiently shared beyond ‘mainstream’ tourism. Following countless miles of travelling and exploring this magnificent country and driven by my passion and enthusiasm to share and communicate, the decision to create Eternal Greece came naturally.

Eternal Greece specialises in the magnificent yet comparatively little-known region of the Peloponnese, home to illustrious Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian sites, including famed Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Mystras and Nemea, as well as the fascinating natural monuments of mountain lakes, forbidding peaks, friendly hills, breath-taking grottoes, wild promontories and gently-rolling vineyard country, all of which beckon the traveller in an ever-changing mosaic of sights, scents, sounds and colours.

It is in the Peloponnese where the legendary hero Herakles (Hercules) performed five of his twelve Labours and where two of the mythical entrances to Hades (the Underworld) exist; it is there where mountain-tops are crowned by castles and hills are bejewelled by marvellous citadels; it is the magical Peloponnese where unfrequented, winding mountain roads and ancient paths inspire and drive the quest of our visitors for the very special spells that this history-steeped land has always cast since the ancient of days to its inhabitants, visitors, invaders and passers-by alike.

Eternal Greece is, thus, the pinnacle and synthesis of our decades’-long and ongoing quest of discovery and specialises in offering small-group, specialist thematic guided tours. For the more independent-minded travellers, we offer self-drive tours noted for their originality and ‘sense of discovery’ and tailor-made programmes catering to specific interests, as well as in high-end honeymoons and babymoons. All our tailor-made programmes are designed, defined and refined over several iterations each time so to best reflect the requirements, preferences and interests of our travellers.

All our small-group, specialist tours and programmes are meticulously researched and focus on specific themes which touch upon both famous as well as lesser known – yet equally thrilling – characteristics of Greece. The groups typically range from eight to sixteen people in size and the tours are conducted round the year with myself as the tour-leader in some of the programmes and are all supported and escorted by our hand-picked specialist guides.

More information on these three main groups of activity can be found under the related captions in the menu bar above, while all our tours and programmes for all categories can be searched with criteria selection in the blue menu bar.

I look forward to welcoming you to the enriching and unique perspectives of Greece, in which Eternal Greece Ltd takes pride in discovering, designing and placing at your disposal.