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Castle of St George, Plagia

The castle of St George Plagia and the nearby castle of Peratia (also known as Grivas) were both built, with French assistance, by Ali Pasha in 1806-1807 when he was planning an invasion of the island of Lefkas; this however never took place. St George’s hill had been of strategic importance since the 5th century BC, the castle having been[...] Read More »

The Castle of Lepanto (Naupactus)

Nafpaktos Lepanto Eternal Greece Ltd
Related Packages / Group Tours: Castles and Legendary Sanctuaries of Western Greece, the Ionian and Corfu BOOK OUR TOURS HERE From Wikipedia: Nafpaktos (Greek: Ναύπακτος), known as Lepanto during part of its history, is a town and a former municipality in Aetolia Akarnania, West Greece, Greece, situated on a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth, 3[...] Read More »

Castle of Roumeli (Antirrio)

Castle of Roumeli (Antirrio)
Related Packages / Group Tours: Castles and Legendary Sanctuaries of Western Greece, the Ionian and Corfu BOOK OUR TOURS HERE Facing the Castle of Morea (Rio) across the narrow straits of the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, the Castle of Roumeli (Antirrio) was built by the Turks in 1499 on lower-mediaeval foundations which, in turn, were built on ancient[...] Read More »

Castle of the Morea (Rio)

Castle of Morea (Rio)
Related Packages / Group Tours: Castles and Legendary Sanctuaries of Western Greece, the Ionian and Corfu   BOOK OUR TOURS HERE An artillery fortress, opposite the Castle of Roumeli (Antirrio). This complex structure consists of two separate distinct forts built two hundred years apart built on a gravel promontory. The first is the triangular structure with round towers built by[...] Read More »

We are now ASTA members!

We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted as members by ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors, as International Suppliers to the US market. Our membership of this prestigious organisation is a cornerstone of our strategy to expand in the USA, one of our core markets. California (and Alabama, and New York and...) here we come!   ;)[...] Read More »

Highlights of a resoundingly successful tour: Mythical Peloponnese – Fortresses & Legendary Sanctuaries, May 2019

Greece has been a strategic crossroads since time immemorial and the legacy of its rich history is visible in the castles and archaeological sites which adorn every corner of this magnificent country. Specialist tour operator Eternal Greece Ltd designed and successfully ran an inspiring and illuminating ten-day guided tour of the southern and eastern Peloponnese for 36 members of the[...] Read More »

The citadel of Mystras chosen as a top-ten mediaeval walled city by CNN

CNN Travel awarded the wonderful Byzantine citadel of Mystras the distinction of being in a top-ten position of the world's best medieval walled cities, in March 2018. This article can be found here: '10 of the Best Medieval Walled Cities' Many of small-group tours naturally include Mystras, please click here for more information. Being one of our favourite spots in the[...] Read More »

Sweets and Desserts of the Ancient Greeks

BOOK OUR TOURS HERE   Cooking and eating is an art central to society in modern-day Greece, the cuisine of which is a harmonious and irresistible amalgam of influences over the millenia-old history of this very old nation. The cooking and eating of the Ancient Greeks were no exception to this rule, not least their sweets and desserts! I will be[...] Read More »

Article by Eric Cauchi in Current World Archaeology Magazine on the pyramids of the Peloponnese.

Greece, birthplace of the Olympics and mythical home of the gods, is known for its spectacular temples, its exquisite Classical statues, and its jewel-like islands with sandy beaches. But pyramids? That’s Egypt, surely. Think again. In the eastern Peloponnese of southern Greece are the pyramid of Hellinikon, near Argos, and the pyramid of Lygourio, near Ancient Epidaurus. I visited the ruins[...] Read More »