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Article by Eric Cauchi in Current World Archaeology Magazine on the pyramids of the Peloponnese.

Greece, birthplace of the Olympics and mythical home of the gods, is known for its spectacular temples, its exquisite Classical statues, and its jewel-like islands with sandy beaches. But pyramids?

That’s Egypt, surely.

Think again.

In the eastern Peloponnese of southern Greece are the pyramid of Hellinikon, near Argos, and the pyramid of Lygourio, near Ancient Epidaurus.

I visited the ruins of these two pyramids of the Peloponnese several times to take photos and aerial drone footage, and of course to study them and touch their silent, ancient stones.

I eventually published a two-page article in Current World Archaeology Magazine, issue 80 (November 2016).

I provide the link to the PDF version of the article below. I warmly invite your comments and thoughts and would love to start a discussion about these mysterious and intriguing structures.

Eric Cauchi The Pyramids of the Peloponnese
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