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Two Labours of Hercules: Stymphalian Birds and the Nemean Lion

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The vibrant natural scenery, the myths, the legends, the historical sites and the aroma and flavors of the wine and the traditional greek cuisine of the blessed land of Corinthia...

This well-researched and meticulously organised tour combines several attractive themes into a single irresistible fusion, so typical of the real, yet not well known, Greece: mythology, natural scenery, archaeology and traditional cuisine. The tour sets off early in the morning from Athens, so as to encompass the chosen evocative sights and sites in the Corinthia region of northern Peloponnese.

Following a short stop at the picturesque coastal town of Loutraki, we drive past the impressive Corinth Canal and through the forested mountains of Corinthia to our first destination, lake Stymphalia. This is the location where legend has it that the ancient hero and demigod Hercules cunningly managed to destroy the predator Stymphalian Birds which plagued the region by performing his Sixth Labour. 

Lake Stymphalia and its complex wetland ecosystem is a Natura 2000 natural protection area and is also home to the delightful and rich Environment Museum of Stymphalia, which is one of the tour’s destinations. Following the description of the Labor by the guide and the visit to the museum, the tour continues through fabulous scenery to Ancient Nemea with its magnificent Temple of Zeus and its ancient stadium which is now used again every four years by hosting the revived Nemean Games, as they were performed 2,500 years ago. The guide will reveal the importance of Ancient Nemea through the visit to the extensive site as well as the museum, whilst also unraveling the legend of the First Labor of Hercules, where he overcame the fearsome Nemean Lion bare-handed. 

Rich is the Nemean land in history, in magnificent relics of ages past and in legends and rich it also is with the treasures of its land – its wine and its food. How fitting therefore that the explorers of fabled Corinthia would rest and relax at a local Greek gourmet taverna, to sample the acclaimed red Nemean wine, painstakingly created from the Aghiorghitiko grape variety, accompanied by local delicacies.

All good things come to an end and the tour finishes in Athens at the designated drop-off point, however what will remain alive are happy memories of the vibrant nature, the myths, the legends, the historical sites and the aroma and flavors of the wine and the food of this blessed land. Indeed, what more is there to ask for?

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Corinth Canal  |  Lake Stymphalia |  Environment Museum of Stymphalia  |  Ancient Nemea


  • Αir-conditioned, luxury minibus or coach
  • Licensed archaeologist-guide
  • Lunch
  • Two glasses of wine
  • One bottle of mineral water during the drive
  • Tickets to museums and archaeological sites

Not Included

  • Gratuities at the taverna and for the driver (optional)
  • Extra wine / beverages


  • “A stunning tour of UNESCO sites.”

    The tour I undertook with Eternal Greece was great – we covered a large number of UNESCO sites in a relatively short space of time, with time spent at each site tailored to my interests. The accommodation also met all expectations, so all in all this was an outstanding experience from which I gained a greater appreciation of Greek history and culture. Thank you Eternal Greece.

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    S Bassett
  • “There is a difference between a tour and an experience. We had the last one.

    It was in every aspect challenging and full of information. We have learned so much and coming back to Athens we will use your expertise once again.”

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    Norbert Wohlfahrt
  • “Fantastic tour of the well known as well as lesser known sites, particularly in the Peloppenese, and including some travel off the beaten track. You think you know Greece, and then find that there is a whole new aspect to explore.

    I can thoroughly recommend Eternal Greece as a tour operator. They will bend over backwards to ensure your needs are met.”

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    Silva Bassett
  • “A memorable experience!”

    …We visited all the places my friends were interested in, our guide was very knowledgeable, the hotels where we stayed could not have been better and Eric was an amazing tour leader. Everything ran smoothly and because of his love and enthusiasm for the land and the people, he made everyone fall in love with Greece. And made me even prouder of my roots than I was before!!! We all had a wonderful time!
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  • “Wonderful Athens Museums and City Tour arranged by Eternal Greece”

    Mr. Eric C B Cauchi, the director of Eternal Greece arranged a superb Athens Day Tour comprising the National Archaeological Museum, a city tour, and the Acropolis Museum for my family which took approximately five hours. We would recommend Mr. Cauchi for his politeness, professional manner, and excellent care and concern that we should be happy with our tour in every respect. He also followed up to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction, which it was. Most highly recommended!

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    Robert K