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Loutraki Thermal Spa, Gourmet and Nature Experience

  • Loutraki Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Thermal Spa Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Spa Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Greek Cuisine Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Greek Cuisine Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Greek cuisine - Loutraki gourmet experience Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Gourmet Experience Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Greek Cuisine Eternal Greece Ltd
  • Loutraki Greek Cuisine Eternal Greece Ltd
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  • Heraion Perahoras Eternal Greece Ltd

The sights and beauties of the lovely coastal town and its surrounding Perachora promontory with a soothing wellness treatment at the luxurious Loutraki Thermal Spa and a gourmet Greek meal...

  • Relax at the reviving thermal waters of Loutraki Spa
  • Savour the delights of traditional Greek cuisine at a local gourmet taverna
  • Be impressed by the beauty of the blue lagoon and be inspired by the ancient site of the Heraion

This full-day program combines the sights and beauties of the lovely coastal town of Loutraki and its surrounding Perachora promontory with a soothing wellness treatment at the luxurious Loutraki Thermal Spa and a gourmet Greek meal at a traditional Greek taverna. Loutraki is a wonderful seaside town located on the coast of a pine tree covered, mountainous peninsula jutting westwards into the Gulf of Corinth. It was known in antiquity as the ancient town of Thermae (from Thermos meaning warm after its thermal waters) and was the first resort mentioned historically. Now known as Loutraki (from the Greek ‘loutro’ meaning bath), it is just 85 kilometers (53 miles) for central Athens on the modern motorway.

The town is being celebrated since antiquity for its thermal and mineral waters welling up the fault-bound Mount Geraneia range from deep within the Earth’s crust. The old legends about the quality and attributes of its thermal water have been conclusively demonstrated by scientific analysis and research which substantiate its reputation at a top international level. At the same time, Loutraki boasts the facilities for traditional gourmet food experiences providing an opportunity to combine wellness and relexation with fine food, an opportunity that simply cannot be missed.

The day will be devoted to the luxurious spa treatment in the morning followed by a delicious lunch and the afternoon on a local coach trip where the beauty of the region will come alive with a visit to the blue lagoon of Vouliagmeni, the wonderful archaeological site of the Heraion situated in a secluded cove and the Melangavi lighthouse at the tip of the Perachora promontory.

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This programme is also available in a self-drive version!
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  • Transportation to and from Athens by luxury, air-condintioned minibus or coach
  • Spa treatment at the pools and water cascades (half-hour session)
  • 3-course meal (appetizers, main course and dessert) at local taverna serving traditional Greek gourmet dishes
  • Afternoon drive to Blue Lagoon, the Heraion archaeological site and the lighthouse

Not Included

  • Beverages at the taverna
  • Gratuities (optional)


  • We travelled through the Peloponnese with the Fortress Study Group on a 10 day tour organized by Eternal Greece Ltd. We visited a mix of sites from classical and pre-history, through Venetian and Ottoman times. This mix gave us a picture of the breadth of Greek history instead of just a single slice of time which we much appreciated. We had an excellent archaeologist guide and an excellent driver.

    Eric Cauchi, the proprietor of Eternal Greece, travelled with us as the tour director and trouble-shooter in chief. His own passion for archaeology and for his country added to the trip experience. The hotels he booked for us were excellent, all very clean and comfortable, with friendly staff and most on the sea with beautiful views. The restaurants he selected for our meals served delicious traditional Greek food family style, far superior to what one might expect for a group meal.

    Having never been to Greece before, we came into Athens 4 days early. We had many pre-trip questions which Eric always answered very promptly. He assisted us with several aspects of our planning before we set foot in Greece. He booked an Athens hotel in an excellent location for us and arranged airport transports which worked perfectly. When we decided to do a day-trip to Delphi and asked if he could recommend some companies for us to contact, he responded with the name and cost of a group tour company with pros/cons and the offer of arranging a private driver and guide for us with pros/cons. He also offered to, and subsequently did, email the rest of the group participants to see if anyone might be interested in sharing the private tour to bring down the costs. The driver and guide Eric arranged were very professional, tailored the day to our interests, and made the day a wonderful memory for us.

    When, as part of our planning, we decided that we might like to use our free time on the last evening of the Peloponnese tour to see an additional site some distance away from our hotel on our own, we emailed Eric to enquire as to whether time-wise this might be feasible and if we would have trouble finding a taxi to take us and wait. Eric advised that renting a car would be better. We expressed concern about finding a car rental place that would be open till 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday evening. Eric responded within hours with contact information for a rental location around the corner from our hotel that would be open till 9 p.m.

    Eric’s level of service was superb. We would travel again on a trip arranged by Eternal Greece and we definitely recommend Eternal Greece.

  • Dear Eric,

    Thank you so much for all the work you put in to organise such a wonderful trip. The time has flown and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to come across Eternal Greece again.

    Pamela M.
  • Dear Eric,

    Hope I am not disturbing you from your well-deserved slumbers, but just to thank you so much for organising an excellent programme for the FSG and looking after everyone so well.

    I hope our paths meet again some time.

    Richard A.
  • Dear Eric, it was a pleasure meeting you and Ken and of course Romylos and Argyris. In the rather hurried disembarkation from the bus on Monday I did not have the opportunity to thank you properly for organising such an excellent tour. The sites were well chosen and I think we all understood that on some occasions long coach journeys were unavoidable but worth it. This was my first visit to Greece and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

    I hope we have the opportunity to meet again.

    Bill C.
  • Thank you for a splendid tour. It was more “archaeological” than our usual tours, but the sites themselves and the mythology that went with them made for a great few days.

    I hope that FSG and yourself can organize another tour of Greece in the near future. In fact I look forward to the possibility.

    Martyn G.