Eternal Greece Ltd


Eternal Greece organised a tour of the Peloponnese for the Fortress Study Group and a number of people with similar interests. We numbered 38 people and travelled around in an air-conditioned Pullman coach in some comfort. Our primary interests were the Venetian Fortresses of the Peloponnese, including Neo Navarino, Korone, Methone and of course the great fortifications of Nafplio.

En route we visited a number of classical sites, such as the ancient city of Messine, Olympia, Mistra, Monemvasia etc.

Eternal Greece had an exceptionally knowledgeable archaeologist providing some commentaries and guiding on some sites. Eric, the owner, provided more commentaries; even better, he provided some publicity and helped organise a Government / Local Government presentation when the group was in Nafplion.

It was, in more ways than one, a ‘tour de force’ and one which I hope will remain in the memories of the participants for years to come. I cannot praise Eternal Greece enough for their attention to detail, logistical preparations and the very great care exercised over all the participants.

I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to explore this part of the world should consider using the services of Eternal Greece.