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Loutraki Thermal Spa Eternal Greece Ltd

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Loutraki Spa and Gourmet Experience

… while goddess Artemis was passing through the places in ancient Greece, she stopped her tour at the ancient village of thermal springs. Enchanted by the landscape, the light and the sunshine of this place, she stood and admired the hot natural curative water running from the sources around her. She called the nymphs, the Naiades and the pitchers to bathe together, to rest and enjoy ‘the water of life’.

She then spread the secret to all the ancient gods of Olympus and the ancient place of thermal springs became their favourite city. As goddess Artemis was bathing in the healing waters of Thermae with the Nymphs she asked her brother Apollo to visit her and admire the beautiful land with the miraculous waters. Apollo was so charmed by the bright light, the running hot springs, the unique and the peaceful scenery of this place that he decided to build his throne here to fully enjoy life.

The reputation of Thermae, with the miraculous water, was spread even more and later in the same place the Spartans soldiers came to rest and heal after the fierce battles of the Peloponnesian war. Even the Roman politician and military officer Lucius Cornelius Sulla, came to miraculous waters to successfully cure himself from a skin disease by which he had been suffering for a long time.

The ancient place of Thermae Springs today is called Loutraki. Like the ancient times now it’s a  beautiful and modern spa resort which through myth and history the ancient alternative approach to therapy, relaxation and rejuvenation continues uninterrupted to this day.

The water derived from the Loutraki natural thermal springs has been characterised as ‘The Water of Life‘ since antiquity. The geothermal springs well to the surface from faults of the coastal area at the foot of Mt Geraneia along a 750-m-wide front. During its journey towards the surface, the water is being filtered through porous layers and it is so greatly enriched with precious trace elements, salts and minerals, that its healing properties are brought fully to the fore.

Loutraki Eternal Greece Ltd

In a tasteful modern ambience, today’s modern Loutraki Thermal Spa welcomes you to cater for your health and well-being by unlocking the blessings of the region’s Nature that will promote your health, rejuvenation, beauty and relaxation through the power of its acclaimed thermal waters.

You can simply choose among the large collection of programmes and facilities, including hydrotherapy pools, individual baths in a special thin rain shower, sauna, steam bath or being sprayed from distance and rejuvenated through massage techniques with essential oils offered through a mud substrate.

Loutraki Thermal Spa Eternal Greece Ltd

The luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities of Loutraki Thermal Spa occupy 5,000 sq.m (54,000 sq.ft), enable you to tailor your thermal experience according to your needs and include:

• Two indoor heated pools with waterfalls and jet hydro-massaging (underwater massage) 201 sq.m and 40 sq. m respectively
• One indoor cool water swimming pool 20 m. for post-traumatic rehabilitation
• One outdoor pool with water mushroom hydro-massaging with waterfall and pool bar, 200 sq.m
• Four individual cabins with baths hydrotherapy, including a cabin of bath Caracalla with multiple launchers
• Three double cabins with baths hydrotherapy
• Sauna
• Hammam/ Steam Bath
• Two berths distance sprinklers
• Two berths thin rain showers
• Bathing with thermal water
• Thermal Water Drinking Therapy
• Fitness Club
• Beauty & Aesthetics Halls
• Private massage cabins
• Two berths for mud treatment
• Yoga Room
• Cafeteria
• Spacious reception rooms and rest areas
• Easy access for disabled

Loutraki Spa Eternal Greece Ltd

Pamper yourselves in regenerating and relaxing sessions:

For your Body:

• Peeling and Aromatherapy
• Thalassotherapy
• Body therapy with milk and honey
• Chocolate therapy
• Massage with hot volcanic stones
• Peeling mask and massage with Ancient Greek herbs
• Special Treatments with Hot Natural Water
• Thin Rain Shower
• Thai Foot Massage
• Various alternative massage techniques
• Reiki – Reflexology

For your Face:

• Aromatic face hydration with natural essential oils
• Biologic face treatment for glow and skin tightening
• Face treatment with Vitamins C & E
• Thin Rain Shower for face hydration & glow
• Relaxing Head Massage with Vitamin A

Opening times:
Monday to Friday: 11:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00-20:00

In fully recognition of the healing and soothing powers of Nature, Eternal Greece Ltd, has designed programmes aimed at improving your wellness and well-being. We are delighted to be able to include Loutraki Thermal Spa as a spearhead of this effort.

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