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Aghia Marina Chapel

Aghia Marina Chapel Eternal Greece Ltd

The delightful post-Byzantine chapel of Aghia Marina (Saint Marina, traditionally the protector and healer of young children) was completed in 1713 and is located just outside the village of Lygourio, at the very foot of Mt Arachnaion, the highest mountain of the eastern Argolid (1199 m/ 3,934 ft).

The chapel of was built on the foundations of an older church of the Middle Ages, which in turn probably rest on a shrine or temple devoted to ancient Greek goddess Artemis.

Its construction incorporates, both externally as well as internally, structural elements from both the nearby pyramid of Lygourio as well as from an ancient Greek temple.

The location is delightful and peaceful, the chapel (which is well-maintained by the locals) being surrounded by pine trees and flowering plants.

The chapel is only 200 metres from the ruins of the Pyramid of Lygourio and is also close to the very interesting Natural History Museum of Lygourio, all these must-see points of interest being conveniently near the main road linking Nafplion with Ancient Epidaurus.

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